Welcome to Sudbury Spring

The snow and ice build up has all but left our roads.

That is essentially the good news.   The bad news is that every night that drops below freezing means there is a film of ice and water on our roads that lasts well into the waking  morning hours. 

With better roads comes more aggressive driving and often drivers forget about the frost induced film on the roads as well as the large amount of sand both of which can bring a tragic end to an aggressive driver’s day.

Soon the motorcycles will begin to appear and they too will have to beware.  Conversely the motorists will have to start watching out for the bikes that will begin to share the roads also.

I would like to officially welcome spring on day 2 of the actual season change but at the risk of annoying my former English Literature Professors let me paraphrase Billy Shakespeare and say “Beware the roads of March”.

Safe driving everyone!