Winter Tires and the Auto Insurance Discount

Winter Tires and the Auto Insurance Discount

Well if you are receiving a Winter Tire Discount currently you should be either changing to winter tires or preparing to do so.  Depending on your Automobile  Insurance Company, the tires must be on either November 1st or December 1st (read your policy or call your broker to clarify).  I recently (yesterday) called my Tire Shop and they can work me in Friday at 3pm!  Remember you are not supposed to leave the winter tires on year round as the softer compound wears out quickly in warmer weather (again read your policy or ask your Broker).


It is that time of year and best you spring into action as soon as possible!  A few weeks ago I was cutting the lawn and a few snow flurries started as a not so gentle reminder of what is to come.


If you are a naysayer and prefer not to use the winter tires that is your call but the evidence is pretty conclusive and the now available discount just a bonus..  I personally have been using winter tires for years long before any discount was available just because it is safer, period.   I start better, brake sooner and have more control in adverse conditions not to mention my other tires last longer.  (what is not to like).


Yes there is an expense involved in acquiring winter tires but in the greater scheme of things it costs less than your collision deductible, possible increase in premium,  lost time at work and worse.  If you don’t have storage many car dealers and tire shops offer storage for a small fee.


There is a price for everything including your safety, maybe you will have to shorten the two weeks in the Dominican or Mexico to one week but at the end of the day it would be really nice to get out of your parking space without a push or tow.


Have a safe winter and wonderful holiday season!


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