Happy First Anniversary on LaSalle

Happy First Anniversary on LaSalle

It is had to believe that a year has passed and we have actually unpacked everything!

Thanks to Allyson and Lori the office actually looks warm and professional now and less like an institution.   Their ascetic improvements are complemented on a daily basis and are certainly appreciated.

The addition of Joanne has given us depth experience and a bilingual staff member for those who are more comfortable with French.

Clients are beginning to get used to our new location and for the most part the comments have been positive.  Some folks don’t  like using stairs to get to the second floor but as we tell them on a regular basis we can use the closing rooms on the main floor if we have to courtesy of our landlords at Royal LePage.  Over all not paying for parking and not being down town has been considered a good thing by just about everyone.

Thanks to our clients comments  (new and old alike) we have made strides to improve our service and will continue to work toward even more improvements in the future.